Sunday, October 19, 2014

October Break - Week 1

One week of break down, one more to go before we head back to the realm of teaching. Michael and I spent the last week at the beach, hanging out with some friends. It was lots of fun! We spent most of our time swimming, building sandcastles, digging giant holes, playing Rook at night after our friends' kids went to bed, and, one of my favorites, reading a good book on the balcony, enjoying the ocean breeze. The one not-so-awesome thing was that I had my first-ever experience of being stung by a jellyfish. At least, I think it was a jellyfish. I don't know what else is in that water that might sting me!

We're back home again (in Nonthaburi), and looking forward to spending a week just chilling out here. We've got some plans to work on Baby's room - starting with some painting, I think! Outside of that...we'll just see how things go. That's the best kind of vacation, right?

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