Sunday, February 5, 2012

Picture Post!

A few weeks ago, the middle school and high school had their games day/field day. The student government planned the morning activities, and a group of teachers put together some afternoon activities. All in all, it was tons of fun!

Since not a whole lot has happened recently that is worth posting about (other than the normal school routine), I thought I'd share some of the photos from games day with you. I didn't take these pictures, just so you know. Someone who has much better photography skills and a much, MUCH better camera took them!

We started the morning off (around 9:30) with a good old-fashioned tug of war:

There was also an eating contest (during which the teachers were judges, not participants!)

There were some different types of relay races:

A four-team dodgeball tournament (all four teams at once!)

And my personal favorite, jungleball!
(Go, Michael, go!)

It turned out to be quite an entertaining day, as you can see!

Since then, our lives have been filled with nothing fun whatsoever. Just kidding. Every day of teaching brings its own moments of fun (among other things!) I was recently able to take two of my classes (grades 11 and 12) on a field trip to a university's library. The students enjoyed it much more than I thought they would, and most of them seemed to get a lot of research for their English papers all in all, it was a worthwhile trip! Michael is keeping busy with grading various history projects (he shows me the good ones - and some of them are REALLY good!). Life continues, and we look forward to the next two months of school (last day: March 29th!), and the following months of travel and vacation. It's hard to believe that a school year is again almost finished, so our focus is shifting to enjoy every single moment of it.

We hope all of you are well! May you be safe and blessed, wherever you are.

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