Sunday, June 23, 2013


Some glimpses of our first couple of days at school (June 13-14):

School administrators welcoming parents and kids as they walk into school on the first day

Standing outside before the daily flag ceremony (with our friend Ro and her son Ezra)

Grade 12 students raising the flag on Friday

Grade 12 boys in line before the flag ceremony - love those smiles!

 Grade 11 girls outside the snack shop during break time

Grade 12 girls

I have no idea who this kid is, but I love this picture - swinging on the tire swing with his snack (chicken on a stick) in hand. Classic!

Some pictures from middle and high school classes:


 Mr. Michael: telling the students what's what in history class for this year! (Isn't his Thai shirt absolutely fantastic?)

Grade 12 students in history class - I guess they have to stand up in order to participate!
 P.E. class - stretches!

Eighth graders (left) and seventh graders (below) in their classes

 Trying to run a tight ship in my English class!

 11th graders in math - excited as usual, I guess.

One important thing that happens at the beginning of every school year is the Wai Kru ceremony. It's a fancy Thai version of teacher appreciation day, and involves a ceremony where students present flowers to their teachers, bow, and 'wai' - a very traditional Thai way of showing respect. In addition, there's also a student speaker and another speaker who talk about the importance of teachers, their role in children's lives, etc.

Please continue praying for our students and staff as we continue on in our school year! We've got high hopes for a great year, with lots of opportunities for interaction, discussion, sharing stories and being witnesses of the love and faithfulness of our awesome God!

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