Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Banquet (and some other stuff)

It is officially the first day of October break - hallelujah! As a celebration, I thought I'd post some pictures from the high school girls' banquet (which I promised you almost two weeks ago). These are the formal ones taken by a semi-professional photographer who is a friend of ours. They are WAY better than the ones that I took that I'm glad that I was able to get copies!

Our decorations were pretty simple, but they turned out to make the room look pretty awesome!

 (Two above pictures) We set up a table with envelopes that had the girls' names, pens, and papers so they could write notes to each other. The topic/theme of the night was beauty, so we asked them to focus on that in their notes.

 (Above pictures) Other decorations and the general look of the whole room
(Below) Some candid shots of the evening:

 A balloon fight between the 10th grade girls and me broke out midway through the dancing!

Below are a few of the pictures from the "studio" that was set up in another part of the room - the first two are everyone who attended, and the last one is of the teachers. 

 (The above one was supposed to be a "Gangnam Style" picture, but that's really hard to do as a still pose!)

All in all, it was a pretty fabulous night!

On a completely unrelated topic, I made some roasted garlic hummus (and yes, I roasted the garlic myself!) today, and it turned out to be quite delicious:
It's super easy, and so good as a dip for raw vegetables. Mmmm.

The next few days don't hold many plans for us, but we're content to have some down time at the beginning of our break. We're looking forward to our trip to Bangladesh, and I'll be sure to write about it when we return!

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