Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another week gone

Sunday afternoon - what a great time to update the blog and procrastinate on making lesson plans! It's been an interesting week - more interesting for Michael than for me, probably, but we've both (once again) had a lot of fun!

Last Sunday, we attended a new church, called CCC. I don't know what the name actually stands for, but it's an international church and a few of the teachers from GES attend there regularly. It was a super small service (apparently a bunch of people were gone for vacations, etc), and the pastor was also gone, so the sermon consisted of us watching an Andy Stanley video. It was pretty interesting. We appreciated how friendly everyone was, and we'll most likely visit there again at some point.

This was the first FULL week of school that I taught - 5 days is a lot tougher than 3 days...although I think Friday can hardly count as a teaching day for me. I've only got my 3 English classes on Fridays, and this week I gave vocabulary quizzes for the first time in each. Since I didn't know how long the quizzes would take, I decided beforehand that I'd just give them a study hall after they were finished. So I did. I guess I need to make the quizzes a little harder, because most of the kids in each class were done in about 15 minutes...leaving a whole lot of extra time for study hall!

In 12th grade English it turned out to be okay, though - one of the girls has a birthday on Sunday, and she asked me on Friday morning if we could take time in class to have a pizza party (she had it all arranged already). Since I didn't have much planned anyway, it worked out pretty well. The Calculus teacher even came in for some pizza, and since the 12th graders have his class right after mine, he let them go to class late.

Michael got to be a fill-in 2nd grade teacher for two days this week. The real 2nd grade teacher was quite sick on Thursday and Friday, so Michael found out on Thursday morning and had to jump right in! The teacher had lesson plans for him to follow, and it went pretty well, I think. The kids apparently kept calling him "Michael Jackson" instead of "Mr. Michael" and they thought he was 50 years old. Second graders are a bit crazy.

We went to the big weekend market on Saturday for the first time - it was SO FUN! Quite hot, but as long as we stayed in the shade it was okay. We got some nice Thai clothing to add to our wardrobes (so now I don't have to wear all the same things every week!). This was the biggest market I'd ever seen, though! I got really lost for a while, but Michael was able to steer us back to the meeting point we had with our friends. We saw just about everything - food, clothes, trinkets, a massive hammock (Jessie and Eric - we thought of you!), and even puppies! I couldn't pet the puppies, which I was really sad about. Then again, maybe it was okay - if I had touched them, I might have really wanted to keep one, and we can't have a puppy on campus. The one thing we didn't find was the place where they sell flying squirrels. One of the teachers next door bought a flying squirrel at the market a few weeks ago. Honestly, I don't particularly want one; I think I'd rather just pet hers upon occasion. :)

This morning was also an adventure - Michael decided last night that we ought to defrost the little tiny freezer in our little refrigerator. I thought it sounded good - there was so much ice in it that we couldn't really fit anything in it anyway. So, we turned it down and promptly forgot about it before going to bed. This morning, we got up and came downstairs to find a decent size trickle of water coming from the refrigerator. Not such a big deal - we mopped it up, ate breakfast, and went to church.

Here was the problem - we mopped the water up the first time, but still failed to realize that MORE water would be coming from the refrigerator! By the time we got back from church, our kitchen floor was about 1/4 covered in water. We opened the fridge to dry it out a bit, and once that was done, about half the floor was covered in a good layer of water. Michael's response? "Megan - do you want to go swimming??"

It took awhile, but we did get it all mopped up, and now there's a towel under the fridge to catch the rest of the water that will come dripping down in the next few hours. We're learning!

We have also been sharing our apartment with someone else. His name is Pete, and we think he lived here before we did, so we decided he could stay:

I'm pretty sure Pete lives behind the cabinet in the kitchen. There's a hole in the corner by the front door, so that's how he gets in and out. Pete may or may not have a girlfriend - I've seen a second gecko outside our door on a couple of occasions...

Anyway, I think that's about all the updates I have for now. Thank you for your prayers, support, and encouragement! We hope and pray you are all well! Blessings!

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